NUXY: Being Optimistic, Inspiring and Impulsive

NUXY Wine is the brainchild of Charles Bartlett and Kevin Morrisey, hard-living and hard-working winemakers in Napa Valley. Named after their mutual desire to being optimistic, inspiring, and impulsive. NUXY centers squarely on Bordeaux varietals sourced from Napa Valley, Sonoma County and the Red Hills. Their philosophy on the importance of true ripeness for creating luscious, decadent and long-lived wines gives them a reputation for pushing the limits. It’s all about strength and credibility with each new vintage.

2022 Vintage


Grab your comfy socks. The second vintage of NUXY ‘Impulse’ Red Hills Lake County Cabernet Sauvignon is snug and cozy; it hits every corner of your palate with pleasing intensity.

Fruit-driven and rich, the oak-imparted tannins make for a ripper time with some charred meat or perfect for that easy weeknight in.

You already know why it's special; made by Charles Bartlett and Kevin Morrisey - bold, rich blackberry and cassis mingle with hints of cedar and a touch of spice. Robust, velvety texture leads to a long, satisfying finish leaving you begging for more. Fill it up!

Spirited cherries and juicy berries, their exuberance wrapped in the warm embrace of French oak. It's an invitation to unwind and embark upon a journey that pairs perfectly with your favorite moments. Each sip tells a story of craftsmanship and joy, making it a perfect companion to your evenings of relaxation and celebration.


This celebrates the big and bold, the powerful, the juicy, the poised, the age-worthy, and the compelling. From your special bottle to your everyday quaffer, this has you covered. Grab your fancy glassware (or your favorite vessel) and get ready to celebrate the moment!

Revenge kind of ambles about the glass - nothing wishy-washy. It’s a big, brash, potent wine that kicks in the door and throws its weight around. In a good way, we promise.

Nuxy Revenge

Dark and inky in color, there’s a glossy, intoxicating swirl of purple in the glass. Chocolate, cassis, coffee, and cedar rise up from within. The main act, powerful and ripe black cherries and raspberries.

Nuxy Revenge is a beauty of a thing on its own, a dollop of Zinfandel in there and it kicks the wine into rich, dense overdrive. There's no denying that Kevin Morrisey knows the reigns of the wine game, you can guarantee every drop that carries a melting pot of blue and black fruits, with a kick of baking spice.

2020 Vintage


Blackberry jelly and a toffee nose moves to palate, with a dollop of violet and chocolate. Dense and developed, with round tannins that comfort. Black fruit is concentrated, creamy, and ripe.

Gather around. NUXY ‘Impulse’ Red Hills Lake County Cabernet Sauvignon is positive and charming; its personality has a certain complexity and verve that so powerfully affects others that it can inspire people with a simple swirl and sip.

A transcendently intense wine, you’ll want to high-five each other and simply breathe in the awe and privilege to be in the presence of such an incredible, mountain Cabernet.

Why is it so special? What we can tell you, is this is rare and wondrous; made by Charles Bartlett and Kevin Morrisey, two absolute Napa Valley icons - black fruits, dark spice, red earth, creamy dark chocolate velvety texture with a hint of muscle that builds with every kind of forest berry, intermingling with firm but fully ripe tannins. Truly, truly delicious.

Rambunctious cherries and burstingly-juicy berries are just contained by a toasty coating of fabulous French oak. The perfect bottle to crack on a Friday night to kick off your weekend. Get home, pour yourself a glass, start cooking and hope there’s some left by the time you’re done.


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